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A headrest provides added support to the head of a baby & prevents it from wobbling. Read all about infant head rest.

Baby Guide » Baby Headrest

Baby Headrest

It's not really possible to take care of a new born baby with full attentiveness round the clock. This makes all the more mandatory that we take all the necessary precautions for those crucial moments when our attention may flicker momentarily from the infant to other trivial things. One such important baby care accessory is the headrest.

A head rest is designed to provide the much-needed support to the baby's head since new-borns are unable to support their head by themselves during the initial few months. Baby head rest can be mounted on an infant carrier, a car seat and even a stroller. It kind of ensures that the baby's head does not wobble from one side to another.

Babies normally fall asleep with their head slumped over their shoulders, which can lead to sore neck muscles. As such, adequate neck support is vital in these early months. A good headrest, thus, not only plays a crucial role in providing added support for the neck, but also helps to develop a better posture. Many baby head rests are designed to handle a specific purpose.

For instance, there are infant headrests designed for being used on car seats, strollers, high chair and so on. But then there are also others that are multi-purpose. A number of them are easily washable and available in varied colors. Headrests are a mandatory item in cars for babies especially on long journeys. In an automobile, the headrest is a device attached to the top of the seat just behind the occupant's head.

Headrests in cars are pertinent for comfort and safety as they can break the backlash movement of the occupant's head during any accident. This averts really deadly neck injury. The top of the headrest should be in line with the top of the occupant's head. Most headrests for babies are cushioned for comfort and height adjustable.