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A good night light is an important feature in a baby nursery. Read all about nightlights for children's room.

Baby Guide » Baby Room Night Lights

Baby Room Night Lights

Good night light in the nursery of a baby is a very important feature due to several reasons. The foremost reason, however, is the safety of the tiny tot. Always keep in mind that you are not supposed to install very bright glaring lights in the baby room. It's very harmful for the eyesight of the baby and as such applies to both normal daytime light as well as nightlights for the nursery.

At the same time, remember that night light in a baby nursery should also not be so dim that a baby feels frightened or you are unable to locate him / her. There is also a possibility that bad or very dim nightlights in baby room may cause you to trip over a toy or any other object lying uselessly on the ground and hurt yourself in the process.

There are numerous types of nightlight or lamps available in the market for the baby room. Red, green, yellow or blue, the nightlights for children's room are available in myriad hues. Their correct placement can really help in enhancing the overall getup of the baby room. You can even opt for night lamps that come in varied shapes and designs.

If you do not mind shelling out some extra bucks, then you can also pick out a designer night lamp for your kid's room. Else, you can buy these and gift them to new parents to decorate their new-born's nursery with. Always ensure that the night light or lamp you are buying for your child's room has been manufactured by a reliable company.

At the same time, make sure there are no rough or sharp edges on the night lamp to prevent any untoward incident. Night lights for the baby nursery should always be lead-free and non-toxic. Some latest models are even voice sensitive and light up on their own as soon as the baby begins to weep. A bedside 'tap light' is suitable for slightly older children.