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Valances play a very important role in enhancing the look of a baby room. Read about valances for infant nursery.

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Baby Room Valance

In home decoration, the term 'valance' could both refer to a type of window treatment as well as bed set dressing. Valances play an important role in enhancing the look of a room and are, thus, needed to be chosen extra carefully when it's a baby room that's in question. A baby bed valance has long been a popular mode of decoration.

A valance for any bed, not just a baby's, is normally made in two parts. One is a sheet that fits over the mattress and another is a skirt, which covers the sides of the bed down to the floor. The skirt of the bed valance helps to conceal the space beneath the bed or the space between the box spring and the floor surface. The skirt can also be collected or have inverted pleats at the corners.

You can choose among a variety of designs, fabrics and hues available in the valances for the special baby nursery. If the baby room is decorated around a particular theme say fairies, jungle, cartoons, football, dolls, etc. then remember choosing the bed as well as window valance accordingly. A valance sheet is normally unlined.

In context of curtains, a valance takes the form of a cute small curtain or drape that only hides the top section of a window or any window dressing hardware. The second one is the main utility served by a window valance. As such, the window valance can be used for this purpose on its own or in combination with curtain, drapery or even blinds.

A valance is a popular method of improving the appearance of blinds. This is so because it conceals the hardware and at the same time, the fabric softens up those hard lines. It is also an ideal way to add a dash of color, since blinds generally tend to be very pale. Another positive use of a valance is to decorate windows set on odd angles. Many people use valances to decorate baby room.